• "Respect every customer. Be very competitive. Keep every promise. Steadfast adherence to these principles will keep HK serving our customers for another 40 years." — Karl Hinrichs, HK Laundry President

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Commercial Laundry Equipment Installation

Commercial Laundry Equipment Installation

HK's Installation team of experts can handle almost any installation project for coin, on-premises and industrial laundry equipment in the New York and Connecticut area! Our experience, expertise and know-how can save you a lot of aggravation, down-time and money. HK has a dedicated "in-house" installation team whose entire mission is dedicated to installing your commercial laundry equipment correctly the first time. So many on-going service problems are related to faulty or defective installations where the customer ends up having to re-do the installation all over again (wasting expensive time and money).

Most laundry companies have a sub-contractor perform the installation work. HK does not go for this cheap & easy installation method. HK has invested time & substantial resources to have an "in-house" installation team that consistently exceeds our customer's expectations. HK has the "Laundry Experts" to assist you with the correct installation, the first time. When choosing a commercial laundry equipment company, think about the total package. HK offers you a complete solution to your laundry needs.Professional laundry installers