• "HK offers only the finest commercial laundry equipment available on the market today. That's how we can deliver the best value for performance, price and longevity." — Hector, VP Sales

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Commercial Laundry Equipment

Industrial Laundry Equipment

IndustrialHK is a distributor of the B&C Technologies line of industrial laundry equipment. The B&C line of industrial laundry equipment is available in a range of sizes; up to 475 lbs. single pocket Washer Extractors and up to 250 lbs. industrial dryers. These are high volume, production machines that fit the needs of a medium sized linen plant or power laundry, and are designed to process linen fast.

B&C also has specialty washing machines including the Barrier Washer Extractors in 80 lbs. to 225 lbs. capacity, plus split-pocket washers. B&C industrial laundry equipment is manufactured in Thailand and combines state-of-the-art American design with 21st Century technology using standard components (DOD drain vales, Parker water valves, inverters, motors etc.) that are readily available should a replacement part be needed. B&C Technologies commercial-quality laundry equipment - an exceptional value for heavy-duty industrial laundries.