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Coin & Card Laundromats

Building a new coin laundry store? Remodeling or retooling? HK designed and built laundromats put you the "profit picture".

Laundromat planning and proper laundry equipment selection provide the foundation for a safe, user-friendly and profitable Laundromat; but the decor, colors, and materials of construction create the finished product. Throughout the years HK has guided many, many laundromat owners through the process to create award-winning laundromats. Some HK designed and built laundromats have won the coveted "American Coin-Op" beautiful contest and a dozen more have been awarded runner-up or honorable mentions.

The entire laundromat needs to be built with materials of construction that can handle very heavy traffic loads but must also be visually appealing and be designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Visit some HK Laundry Equipment Laundromats located throughout New York and Connecticut by browsing through the "profit center" photo galleries below.