• "HK offers only the finest commercial laundry equipment available on the market today. That's how we can deliver the best value for performance, price and longevity." — Hector, VP Sales

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Commercial Laundry Equipment

Huebsch OPL Commercial Washers & Dryers

Huebsch OPL commercial washers and dryers

The Huebsch line of commercial washers and dryers can handle all of your on-premise laundry needs up to the 165 lbs. washer extractors. Huebsch has a diverse line of commercial laundry equipment from the simple Top Loader and small chassis Front Load washers & dryers, to the Laundromat grade HC class of solid mount washers to the high-speed extract soft-mount (foundation-less) large capacity washers.  HK is proud to be a distributor of Huebsch laundry equipment in the New York and Connecticut areas!

Huebsch also offers a complementary line of commercial dryers and tumblers that can match washer production, pound for pound. Tumble dryers that operate on gas, electric or steam, from the 25 lbs. single-pocket drying tumbler to the 45 lbs. stack dryers, to the huge 170 lbs. single-pocket drying tumbler.

Huebsch also has a line of flatwork finishers that fit the needs of small to medium-size restaurants, clubs and high-end hotels with ability to iron table and bed linens.

All-in-all, Huebsch provides a diverse line of commercial laundry equipment to handle any type and size of on-premise laundry room. Give us a call and let us show you what we can do... for you.