• "HK offers only the finest commercial laundry equipment available on the market today. That's how we can deliver the best value for performance, price and longevity." — Hector, VP Sales

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Commercial Laundry Equipment

HK Multi-Housing Laundry Equipment

Since 1967, HK Laundry Equipment has been providing multi-housing laundry rooms in Connecticut, Bronx, Manhattan & the Hudson River Valley with quality Laundry room equipment. Based in Armonk, New York,  HK has over 45 years of expertise in the Laundromat industry and understands the demands put on laundry equipment in Apartments, Condominiums, Colleges & Universities.  We'll work with you to equip your Laundry room with the best possible washing machines and dryers, backed by unparalleled customer service, state of the art "green" technology and preventative maintenance. 

Laundry Equipment makes the difference:

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HK Laundry Equipment distributes the latest state of the art laundry equipment in our Laundry Rooms.  HK has long embraced the “Green Technology” using energy saving “Energy Star” rated laundry equipment in all of our laundry rooms.  These “green” washers will save substantial amounts of water and sewer costs, because of their energy savings design.  Our new washers use a fraction of the water traditional top loader uses and wash clothes better.  The typical 22 lbs. capacity washer front loading washer will only use 11.7 gallons of water for a complete cycle.  The new HK front load washers extract water at an amazing 440 G-force which reduces the water in the clothes to a bare minimum and reduces the d

ryer run time because there is less water to evaporate off the clothes.  The higher speed extract will reduce your dryer energy costs by as much as 25%.

HK has long been a proponent of providing large capacity washers & dryers for the apartment laundry rooms.  Just because you live in an apartment building does not mean that you do not have big loads of laundry.  Why should a small apartment building be forced to have small machines?  HK gives you the option.  When HK meets with your buildings representatives, one of the first questions asked is “What is your Wish List for your laundry room?”  “What size washers do you want in your laundry room?  How do you want your laundry room to look?  What payment options and features do you want to have in your laundry room?”  Answers to these questions, provide the starting point to provide the “Best” laundry room for the residents.  We listen to your wants and your needs and we deliver.

Technology and the Benefits:

HK will only install Card Operated laundry equipment in our managed laundry rooms for several reasons.  A card operated laundry is much easier to operate and more convenient for the residents.  No more scrounging for quarters to do their laundry.  No more jammed coin slides or scrapped knuckles.  Card systems are easier, safer and are 100% auditable.  This is very important for “peace of mind” with buildings that chose a shared revenue option.  Some of the technology options available are the ability to accept Credit or Debit cards.  Technology also allows residents to go on the internet, (from their computer or smart phone,) and check the availability of washers or dryers in the laundry room.  They can also get emails when their laundry is almost done.  Technology has many different levels and it is the job of the HK specialist to work with you and your board to determine which technology is best suited for your building.

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Service is everything: 

HK has dedicated, factory trained service technicians in fully stock HK service vans to quickly fix problems fast and efficiently.  HK is first and foremost a “service company”.  HK has been servicing and repairing laundry equipment since 1967.  New modern laundry equipment is much more efficient and energy saving, but also more sophisticated.  All of our service technicians are factory trained and have the latest knowledge and tools to repair your equipment the first time.  HK equips each service van with all of the common repair parts and if the part is not on the truck, HK has a complete parts depot in Armonk with over $250,000 in parts inventory.  HK is a full line distributor and a partner with our manufacturers.  HK service technicians also service Laundromats, hotels, motels, nursing homes, hospitals and dry cleaners. 

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Preventative Maintenance:

At least once a year HK technicians will visit your property and perform preventative maintenance servicing on your laundry equipment.  This includes inspecting the dryer exhaust ducts (cleaning if required), inspecting the belts, hoses and generally cleaning the machines and giving everything a good once over.  We respect your resident’s time and do everything in our power to reduce the down time of any of our machines.  We have found that clean, properly maintained laundry equipment will have fewer service calls and less down-time.  It just makes sense to perform preventative maintenance on all of our equipment to reduce service calls and equipment down time.

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