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Huebsch Commercial Washers & Dryers

Huebsch washers and dryers in a laundry roomHK uses Huebsch Laundry Equipment.

The finest commercial and "Laundromat Grade" laundry equipment available.

HK Laundry is proud and honored to be a distributor of high-quality Huebsch brand commercial washers and dryers for our multi-housing laundry customers. Huebsch is an "American-made" company based in Ripon, Wisconsin, and has been providing quality commercial laundry equipment to laundromat and industrial customers since 1907. Although Huebsch is not a common household name, the majority of laundromats have Huebsch laundry equipment in their facilities.  Huebsch is a division of Alliance Laundry Systems which is the world's largest commercial laundry equipment manufacturer.

Huebsch Citron Product Lineup

Huebsch commercial washers and dryers come in a wide range of sizes, from the traditional top load washer to the huge 60 lbs. washer extractors, and, dryers up to 75 lbs. in capacity. The popular Huebsch brand laundry equipment is available in all sizes required by any size Laundromat or multi-housing complex. Huebsch commercial washers and dryers, with the latest state-of-the-art innovations, save energy, increase thru-put and provide 100% customer satisfaction.  Huebsch washers are energy efficient but also do an excellent job in washing clothes and satisfying the residents.

HK and Huebsch are the perfect partnership of innovation, energy savings, durability and reliability. Call HK Laundry Equipment toll-free at 800-229-4572 and let us build affordable, value based laundry rooms for you.

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