Multi-Housing Laundry Equipment

HK Laundry Equipment has been providing multi-housing laundry equipment solutions for over 50 years. Whether it is the purchase of equipment, rental of equipment, or for HK to provide laundry room management, we want to be your business partner. We are also a proud distributor of high-quality Huebsch commercial washers and dryers for our multi-housing laundry customers! 

HK was started in 1967 and for 50+ years the core of our business has been selling & setting up laundromats throughout the Hudson River Valley & Connecticut. Around 2005, HK started to provide laundry equipment and actively manage laundry rooms in Westchester County. We found that installing laundry rooms in apartment buildings, condos & co-ops was exactly what we were doing for laundromat owners but on a much smaller scale. Customers all want the same thing; a nice convenient place to do their laundry with quality washers and dryers along with quick and dependable service. If they have a problem, they want it corrected quickly. To ensure that your customers stay satisfied, let HK Laundry help you design your multi-housing laundry facility! With our CAD design services, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting the most out of your investment.

Not only do we install multi-housing washers and dryers, but we also install laundry card systems that have revolutionized the multi-housing laundry industry! The laundry card systems eliminate the hassle that comes with coin laundry, satisfying customers with convenience. When you work with HK Laundry, you can expect high-quality service along with high-quality multi-housing laundry equipment.

Laundry Service is in our Core DNA

HK has been providing service to hotels, motels, nursing homes, hospitals, dry cleaners, prisons, and veterinary and horse farms. These customers have in-house laundries and when they need service, they need service immediately. HK has 6 service technicians on the road all the time in fully equipped service vans. We bring the same dedication and support to our managed laundry rooms as we do to nursing homes & hospitals.

HK Laundry Equipment service van

HK does not manage laundry rooms in NJ, Long Island, Brooklyn, or Queens.  These locations are outside our sphere of service influence. These areas are just too far away for us to keep and maintain our service standard of responding within 24 hours of a business day. We know our limits and can not be the management company for everyone. If you are in these areas we apologize for not being able to help you. We can recommend excellent laundry companies who will be able to satisfy your laundry room needs.

Purchase, Rental, or Managed Laundry

HK has 3 separate & distinct programs for our multi-housing customers.

  • Purchase - The purchase option is where HK will sell new (or used) laundry equipment to Multi-housing customers.  These can be small 2-6 family apartment buildings to Hotels or large Apartment complexes.  An HK specialist will work with property owners to determine the best equipment fit for their needs & requirements.  HK has financing options available and also service contracts.  With a purchase, HK can install & set up the laundry equipment including card systems and training for management.
  • Rental - The rental option is where HK will install new (or used) laundry equipment in a multi-housing facility and will provide all service and maintenance of the equipment.  The owner or landlord will have the moneybox keys and they will be responsible for collecting the money.  Rental agreements have an initial time commitment and can be renewed after the term ends.  Please contact an HK specialist so that we can tailor a rental program for your specific needs.
  • Management - The laundry room management option is where HK will install new laundry equipment to Multi-housing customers and maintain & service the equipment over the term of the agreement.  HK will provide the landlord (or board) the option of a straight compensation or a shared revenue compensation.  HK will handle all of the laundry room headaches for residents' complaints to providing refunds and instructing residents on the proper use of the machines. HK knows that your core business is not managing laundry rooms, so we take on the headaches and this allows you to get on with your core interests.   

Do you still have questions about HK Laundry Equipment? Learn more about HK multi-housing services and technology or check out our multi-housing laundry frequently asked questions!

Washers and dryers in a multi-housing facility