• "HK offers only the finest commercial laundry equipment available on the market today. That's how we can deliver the best value for performance, price and longevity." — Hector, VP Sales

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Commercial Laundry Equipment

Coin Laundry Equipment

Coin Laundry Equipment in New York and Connecticut

HK Laundry has been supplying commercial coin laundry equipment to Connecticut and New York store owners and helping them build successful businesses since 1967. There are many advantages to starting a laundromat business, which is why we've helped so many people open and grow their own businesses.

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These are just a few reasons to invest in coin laundry equipment:

  • 30% to 60% Return On Investment
  • Steady, reliable, recession-proof business (cleaning clothes is a basic necessity)
  • Laundromat business leverages your time (only need to visit the business 1-2 hours a day)
  • No inventory (except for a couple of cases of soap)
  • No receivables (no checks in the mail & no bad debt)
  • Cash business (no receivables or bad checks)
  • Tax advantages (large tax deductions & tax credits)

Huebsch Coin-Op Washers and Dryers

HK Laundry is the authorized and exclusive Full Line Huebsch coin laundry equipment distributor serving the New York Hudson River Valley area and the entire state of Connecticut.

HK has chosen to represent the prestigious Huebsch commercial washer & dryer line because these machines are the standard of the vended laundry industry. Huebsch coin laundry machines are heavy-duty, reliable, offer state-of-the-art features, they are American-made, and are the "best bang for your buck" in coin laundry equipment.

Huebsch provides the best value for the Laundromat owner and the best performance for the Laundromat customer.

Huebsch stands behind their vended laundry equipment with a BEST in the industry 3-year parts warranty and a 10-year warranty on the basket, frame, shaft, cylinder, bearings & seals. No one builds them better or supports their product better, which is why we're so proud to offer this coin-operated laundry equipment to our customers in New York and Connecticut.

Laundromat Business Consultation from HK Laundry

Coin-operated washing machines in a laundromatHK Laundry can assist you with site selection, demographics, design and equipment layout, technical specifications, and construction contractors. HK can provide a complete turnkey (ready to run), just provide the laundry equipment or anything in between. Building a Laundromat is like building a custom house, no two stores are ever the same. The knowledgeable staff of HK can assist and guide you through the design, construction and operational hurdles of acquiring and building a Laundromat.

HK has a staff of knowledgeable dedicated employees who can perform entire turnkey installations and still keep that friendly personal service. Contact HK Laundry and let us see how we can help you and your New York or Connecticut laundromat business.