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6 Simple Fixes - Save Yourself a Bundle

1. Washer Dead - these can be really easy or quite hard. The first thing to check when the washer seems to be dead, is if the breaker is on? HK has had a few service calls were there were 2 disconnects for the washer. Some one had turned 1 off and the engineering only checked the other.

2. Clothes Come Out Wet - This is almost always a drain problem. In the HK Laundry Equipment Service Schools we tell our customers about the 30-second drain test. The 30-second test is where you turn on the washer and let it fill up with water, and then turn off the power. The drain will open and the water should drain from the drum in 30 seconds or less. If it takes longer than you have a clog somewhere between the bottom of the drum to the waste line or anywhere in between. In most cases you will find more than 1 clog. 

3. Washer Stuck in Cycle - This is usually due to an inlet valve problem. All washers are designed to stop the timer when filling with water. This is designed to prevent an incomplete wash cycle with a slow filling washing machine. If no water comes into the washer, the machine will be "stuck in cycle". If you have 1 washing machine that takes longer to fill than all the others then check the filters in the fill hose or in the inlet valve. You will probably find it filled with dirt or tiny pebbles. 

4. Drum Won't Turn - This can be many different problems, but the easiest to discover and fix is the broken belt. By looking in the back of the washer where you can observe the belts and pulleys. A broken belt is easy to change, just watch those finger tips...ouch! Washer belts are unique and not to be found in the local automotive parts store. This is a basic (low cost) item to have on hand to easily fix the big washer on that busy weekend. Check out our laundry parts and accessories for great prices on belts and all other washer parts. 

5. Washer Operates Weird or Drum Won't Turn (Wascomat washers only) - Check the "Gentle Action" button on the front of the control panel. If it is pressed the wash agitation will operate exactly opposite from normal action. The drum will be stopped while filling and at water level the drum will rotate for 3 seconds then pause for 12 seconds (very weird). Release the button and... Success!!! 

6. Washer says only "Door" (UniMac washers only) - Check that the door tab that closes the door switch (under the door control box) is actually closing the door switch. Many times the 2 screws that door the lever can become loose and the lever just doesn't reach. Lift the lever up and tighten the 2 Philips head screws and away you go. 

If you can fix the laundry equipment problems yourself, you get the entire laundry department up and running at full capacity, look like a hero (you really are), and save all the down time. Go for it!!!

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