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Coin vs Card Vended Laundromats - Pros & Cons

19089462664e38afa00eda6 large8430655314e3ab15fe4e09 large9409137224e3ab0e9ee48c largeWhy would someone spend an extra $50-70k to make their laundry store a Card Operated Laundromat? What are the advantages or going all Card Operated in your Laundromat and what are the dis-advantages? Inquiring minds want to know. Coin Operated Laundromats have been around since the beginning of Laundromats. Once Laundromats started to become chain operated business with over 15 store you needed very Trusted employees (to handle the cash) or you limited yourself to about 15 stores (because that is all you can physically handle as one person. With the advent of the Card operated Laundromats now you have 100% audit-ability and now there is no limit to the number of cash Laundromat you can manage & operate. Also with bigger and bigger Laundromats more time was being wasted on just "processing quarters". With Card Operated Laundromats now you can focus on running and managing your business rather than being a slave to the change. Card Operated Laundromats are here to stay in the vended market place, but there is still resistance to the cards. In talking to most Laundromat owners they feel the non-english speaking customers can not grasp the concept of cards. From my own first hand experience, the hispanic population embraced the card operation faster and with less reservation than the "anglo's". Who knew???

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