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Hybrid Laundry Card Systems

Hybrid Card Systems for Laundromats function by accepting Coins and/or Credit Cards (and Debit Cards) to operate the machines. This is the ultimate of convenience for the customer because at the machine the customer can swipe their Credit Card or use quarters to start their washer or dryer. Hybrid Card Systems are modular and can be installed on just your biggest (high vend price) washers and dryers or you can outfit the entire store with the Hybrid readers. If you do convert the entire Laundromat to Hybrid Card readers you then have 100% audit-ability where you can see both the revenue transactions for both the Credit Cards and also the Coin transactions for the entire store. Along with a lot of advantages of this system there are also some dis-advantages mostly about still having to still deal with quarters. Quarters require bill changers (and back-up bill changers), counting depositing or the purchasing of replacement quarters. The Hybrid Card Systems are gaining popularity and definitely have a place in the Laundromat market. Will they replace the 100% Card Operated Laundromat; No. Are they the cheapest alternative to have an audit-able Laundromat; yes. It will be interesting to see how the market accepts the Hybrid Card systems and how they will evolve and grow as the market matures.

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