• "HK provides first-rate customer support before, during and after the sale. This complimentary Resources Section is just one way HK helps support you and your laundry." — Karl Hinrichs, Owner

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose HK

Did you know that HK Laundry Equipment is the “Laundry Experts” and that we have been providing laundry solutions to the on-premise laundry industry since 1967? HK is a leader in the laundry industry and boasts a second-generation management that is dedicated to solving your laundry problems. For this innovative company to continue growing and expanding after 37 years of operation, we must be doing something right…

HK Laundry Equipment is your local commercial laundry experts, serving the New York and Connecticut area as your personal laundry consultant. HK has a team of on-premise laundry Specialists whose sole mission is to consult and assist our customers. The HK OPL Specialists can serve you in the following ways:

1. Laundry Application – HK reviews what you are trying to achieve with your on-premise laundry facility. Are the goals realistic? Do you have enough space? Enough par levels? Can you provide a reliable laundry to meet your facility’s requirements?

2. Laundry Design – HK offers FREE laundry design and CAD drawings for your proposed laundry room. HK designs the laundry room to produce the optimum capacity with the best possible laundry flow. HK segregates the soiled from the clean laundry to minimize the chance of cross contamination. HK works with current state requirements and standards to design the most versatile, efficient on-premise laundry room possible.

3. Laundry Requirements – HK can provide valuable on-site meeting with contractors to layout machine utilities & their requirements. This assures an organized and managed expansion to your on-premise laundry facilities.

4. Free Site Evaluation and Comparative Savings Analysis – HK offers free laundry site evaluations for existing laundries to check for proper laundry flow, bottlenecks in production, proper operation and use of laundry equipment and proper machine capacity and equipment mix. Our HK specialists will sit down and map out areas of improvement and how you can gain greater efficiency.

5. In-service Training – When you purchase a piece of commercial laundry equipment from HK you get Free in-service training for you and your personnel. HK will instruct your laundry operators & maintenance people on the loading, operation and maintenance of your laundry equipment. HK will provide an operation and P/M checklist for each piece of equipment.

6. Professional Installation – HK has its own installation crews that are factory trained in the proper installation of your new commercial laundry equipment. At our disposal we have riggers and cranes to expertly place any sized piece of equipment.

7. Free programming – HK will provide Free programming of your commercial washers and dryers during the initial start-up of the equipment. If you have chemical supplies, HK will coordinate with your supplier and assist them in optimizing your chemical programs to their products.

8. Service Technicians – HK has 6 factory trained service and repair technicians who quickly respond to any service problem. The HK service and repair technicians have vast experience in keeping all of your laundry equipment running in tip-top condition. HK technicians are constantly being trained on the latest advances in repair and machine technology.

9. Laundry Parts Depot - HK has fully stock service vans to make sure that the right part is on the right truck. HK also has a fully stocked parts depot with over $150,000 of replacement laundry parts in stock for immediate pick-up or shipment. PLUS, 24/7 Online parts ordering.

10. HK Customer Service – HK customer service is available 7 days a week to help you with problems with your laundry equipment. HK has “Emergency” next service call service available on weekends and evenings at an additional charge for customers who absolutely need to have their machine repaired immediately. HK is all about satisfied customers. So come and experience the HK difference. You will be pleasantly surprised with the attention and expertise provided with an HK purchase. Let the HK experts help you with your laundry problems.

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