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More Unique Laundromat Design Features

More Unique Laundromat Design Features

Maureen Callahan of Rosie's Laundromat in Avon, Connecticut shows off many innovative design features in her new Laundromat.  Some of these unique design features include custom folding tables each with their own personal TV and with storage underneath for laundry carts & trash can.   Automatic Door opener, an Artistic washer wall that has interchangeable color photographs, a sliding barn door to separate and secure the Wash Dry & Fold area from the rest of the Laundromat.  Also another neat feature is a sliding counter that is built into the WD & F counter.  This counter can be pulled out to add more folding or counter space.  It is also used to separate the office from the public Laundromat space.  This is a great video that shows many unique and innovative features.

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