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Importance of Drainage Basins in Laundromats

Importance of Drainage Basins in Laundromats

What are Drainage Basins and why are they important in Laundromats? Karl Hinrichs of HK Laundry Equipment explains the uses and advantages of the Washer Drainage Basins in Laundromats. The advantage of using Drainage Basins in a Laundromat is that they have a lint filter to catch lint and any coarse matter, helping to prevent clogging. Drainage basins also help make washers work and drain better.

Drain basins also channel water leaks away from the floor and into the basin and drainage basins are also reservoirs so a slow drain line does not become an issue. Karl also explains the 3 necessary actions before ordering a drainage basin. The most important action is to correctly size the washer basin. Determine the maximum amount of water that all of the washers will discharge at the same time. Convert that into cubic feet and make sure the basin will handle all of this water. Secondly, basins need to be pitched so there is no standing water. Typically a 1:8 pitch is required. The last requirement is to have a cover on the basin to minimize moisture behind the washers and also to limit the overflowing of suds.

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