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Hybrid Laundry Card Systems vs. All Laundry Card Systems

Hybrid Laundry Card Systems vs. All Laundry Card Systems

What are the differences between a Hybrid Laundry Card and an All Laundry Card operated Laundromat? Karl Hinrichs of HK Laundry Equipment discusses the advantages & dis-advantages of both the Hybrid and All Card operated systems.

The Hybrid Laundry Card system has universal appeal by accepting both Quarters and Credit or Debit cards. The Hybrid Card system is modular so the laundry owner can install just a couple of acceptors or outfit the entire Laundromat with Hybrid card readers. If the entire Laundromat is connected to a Hybrid card system then the cash business is now 100% auditable. By accepting credit cards the washer has more room in the money boxes so collecting at specific times is not as critical.

The All Card operated Laundromat does not use quarters and all of the money is stored in the VTM (value transfer machine). The All Card store uses a private issued laundry card that is provided for your Laundromat customers. This has the advantage of penny increment pricing of your commercial washers & dryers and the ability to run several different promotions. Since there are no quarters, this makes for easy collecting and depositing and will save you approximately 4-5 hours per week.

The All card operated stores have great customer loyalty because customers have residual money on their laundry cards. This value on the cards also provides a float of money for the Laundromat owner. Both Card systems have their strengths and weaknesses, and in our opinion, both will continue to serve the Laundromat market.

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