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Hybrid Laundry Card Systems

Hybrid Laundry Card Systems

What is a Hybrid Laundry Card system and how does it work? Karl Hinrichs of HK Laundry Equipment discusses the advantages and dis-advantages of the Hybrid Laundry Card system. Hybrid Card systems are modular systems that connect directly to your commercial washer or dryer and allow the machines to be started with either credit or debit cards or with quarters.  This is the ultimate in customer convenience since customers have the payment choice of debit or credit cards or cash.  Another advantage is that if the entire Laundromat is equipped with the Hybrid Cards system, your entire cash Laundromat business becomes auditable. This is a relativity cheap way for the partners to know exactly what revenues are being generated by their cash business.  The Hybrid Card Laundry systems are also modular so you can install just a couple of units or the entire Laundromat.  The downside of the Hybrid Card systems is that you still need to deal with quarters.  Quarters are heavy.  They require bill changers and all of the problems associated with quarters.  In addition the Hybrid systems cost more to operate with credit card transaction charges and monthly hosting fees.  There is a tremendous amount of interest in Hybrid Card systems and they are now a true part of the Laundromat business landscape.

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