• "HK provides first-rate customer support before, during and after the sale. This complimentary Resources Section is just one way HK helps support you and your laundry." — Karl Hinrichs, Owner

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Case Study - Huebsch Financing

T.J. and Diane Kardas, owners of Soap Opera Laundry, never dreamed they would own so many thriving laundromats. When their first store proved successful, they reached out to Huebsch® Financial to see about opening another. And another. And another. Now there are five. With laundry-specific financing solutions tailored to their unique needs, as well as the ability to leverage the equity of current stores to maintain cash flow for new ones, T.J. and Diane have grown their business with a trusted partner by their side. Huebsch helped them realize their goals and is dedicated to finding success for all their customers.

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