• "Keys to success? Location, equipment, store appearance and cleanliness. HK is a distributor and multi-store owner with over 40 years of laundry expertise to help you maximize return on your investment." — Karl Hinrichs, HK Laundry President

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Managing a Coin Laundry Business

Who Needs A Laundromat?

Who Needs A Laundromat?Who needs to wash clothes? The answer is everyone! Washing clothes is as necessary as food and shelter. So everybody should be busting down the door of your Laundromat to wash their clothes, right?  Wrong!  Everybody found a place to do their laundry last week. To get that market, you have to provide a better place to do their laundry. Better can be any of the following:

           *   more convenient location,

           *   cleaner laundry store,

           *   safe environment,

           *   superior laundry equipment (cleaner wash),

           *   better mix of different sized laundry equipment,

           *   nicer atmosphere & decor,

           *   climate controlled environment (AC),

           *   additional services (attendant, WDF etc...)

A properly run and maintained HK equipped Laundromat will draw customers because it will be providing a superior place to wash laundry. The HK equipped Laundromat will be providing ease of operation, convenience, quicker washing time, better quality wash (results that cannot be duplicated at home), along with providing a clean, safety and secure laundry environment for customers.

The HK equipped Laundromat has many advantages; paramount is the choice of up to 6 different sized truly commercial front loading washers (20, 30, 40, 60, 80 and 100 lbs. capacity). Each HK equipped washer is similar in design, construction and in washing ability. No one is demoted to a lower quality washer because they have a smaller load.

HK equipped washers provide efficient washing time because the entire week's laundry can be washed, dried and folded in under 1-1/2 hours. These washers are unlike any home style washer because it is an industrial front loading machine. With a front load washers the clothes are tumbled through the water and produce a noticeably cleaner wash. Ease, safety and security come from the quality of equipment and the basic design and operation of the Laundromat.

With the emergence of the working man or woman, many homes  have become 2 (or more) paycheck families. The most precious commodity for the working family is time.  Now, instead of doing 8-15 loads of laundry a week, the family can now go to the Laundromat and get the whole wash done in less than 1-1/2 hours, while doing some shopping at the same time. True multi-tasking!

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