• "HK offers only the finest commercial laundry equipment available on the market today. That's how we can deliver the best value for performance, price and longevity." — Hector, VP Sales

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Commercial Laundry Equipment

OPL Accessories

Hamilton EVO equipmentHK is a full-service distributor providing quality commercial laundry equipment and accessories for your on-premise laundry room.

Energy and utilities are significant components of total laundry costs and HK offers the high performance, 99.8% efficient Hamilton Hot Water Heating Systems. Available in all sizes for the small hair salon or restaurant up to busy 300+ room, 5-star luxury hotels. Whether heating water for guests or the laundry, you get reliability and a time-proven system with experts that back-up their products and support their customers.

HK provides all types of carts, folding tables and storage units for your on-premise laundry room. We carry a complete line of carts, including ironer specialty carts, and fabric & poly linen carts in all sizes, shapes and colors. HK also carries wire shelving units, in different sizes, with wheels and without. HK can suggest linen cart sizes to match your size washers, that way, a full linen cart will equal a washer load...no need for scales and no more under-loading or over-loading. If you have a linen handling issue, HK has the solution.

Laundry hampers, racks, and accessories for on-premise laundries.